Great Outdoors Photo Contest Winners

Great Outdoors Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Don Martin

This photo was taken at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands in Viera, Fla. I had been photographing this family of great blue herons for several months, from the time they first started building their nest to the baby chicks appearing. This was one of the first days the chicks started to become very active and were able to stand on their own.

I could see that as they were struggling to find their footing, they kept chirping at their mother, finally rearing straight up on their legs and putting their heads in the air, demanding her attention. I imagined at the time that since it was late morning, the chicks and mother were discussing their lunch options.

I’ve learned in my short experience with bird photography that the saying, “I would rather be lucky than good,” certainly holds true.

Equipment: Nikon D810, Tamron (150.0-600.0mm ƒ/5.0-6.3), MeFoto C1350 tripod and ball head. Image processed in Adobe Lightroom, 600mm,

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